Trinity Buoy Wharf

27th-28th June and 19th-20th September 2009

What have you left behind in my lap?
What dreams will wash up in the turn of the tide?
The River Thames has always been a constant in London living, flowing steadily on through centuries of birth, life and death. In FOUND, objects that have been cast into the river or lost in its depths re-emerge to tell their stories, while the river itself flows on and on...


“Eerie and beautiful”

“Could really feel the river – wonderfully evocative”

“How great was that? Superb sense of history and the Thames – wonderful use of the space.”

“Spooky and mesmerising... brought the river to life.”

 “Strange, but quite enthralling!”

“Couldn’t stop watching!”

“Really moving, just like the river. It has entered into my psyche!”

“Fabulous... ghostly”

“Beautifully-performed...looking forward to your next show!”